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Services started on 18th November 2020

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PawPurrfect: Pet Service Experts at your Doorstep

Happy pets mean peaceful homes. Veterinary, ophthalmology, dentistry, training, grooming, sitting and boarding requirements mean specialists available during limited hours at specific locations, inconveniencing pet parents. PawPurrfect gets you best rated Service Experts, at preferred price and schedule. Only some services like ophthalmology, dentistry and boarding might be at the service experts’ location due to specific equipment or space requirements.

Emergency services can be requested, if available in the service area. The app currently covers Mumbai.

We take personal safety and comfort of both the pet and parents very seriously. All service experts’ profiles become live only when the backgrounds are third party checked and service experts have undergone a customer orientation program. The app takes a liability of an amount of only upto the value of the service booked.

About the Founder

Mrinalini Khusape

With a rich experience of over 17 years across the Automobile, FMCG, Media, and Education sector, Mrinalini had the privilege of being associated with brands which include Skoda India, Hindustan Times, MINT, LAKME, Tata Salt, Kellogg's, RIN, Surf & Axe, Grasim Cement and Hindalco Aluminium.
Mrinalini is a proud Loreto Convent, Ranchi girl with a BE in Mechanical Engineering with a PGDM from XIM Bhubaneswar.
Mau’mau, her rescue Indie kitten, and her brother’s Golden Retriever, Bruno, inspired her journey. They are the first amongst equals in the family. Mrinalini likes to escape into the wild, see historical cities, ride horses and read every moment she can spare.


Become a PawPurrfect Expert

PawPurrfect is a first of its kind mobile market place for pet services in India. Currently we are launching in Mumbai but we know we want to reach every pet out there and soon.

Expand your Pet Service Business with PawPurrfect

Get a link via SMS to download and install the PawPurrfect Expert app!

How to Book a Service

For Pet Parents


The PawPurrfect application is currently available only for Android on the Playstore


Register by providing your and your pet’s details. You can add more than one pet


Request a service, share job details, and receive offers from experts nearby


Accept the offer you like best, pay the booking amount and leave the rest to PawPurrfect

For Service Experts


The PawPurrfect application is currently available only for Android on the Playstore


Register by providing your details. You can add more than one service


Make an offer to service requests in your area as per your convenience


Deliver the best service possible to accepted offers and share the joy of happy pets

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Download the app?

The ‘PawPurrfect Experts’ and ‘PawPurrfect’ Apps are available on playstore for Service experts and Pet Parents respectively.

How do I get started on PawPurrfect?

Register with PawPurrfect and create a profile specifying the service you provide. There will be requirements for some documentation and photographs which are necessary for verification of the profile and subsequent activation.

How long will it take Pawpurrfect to review my Profile?

Normally 7 working days are required to verify the Profile. However since we are in government mandated curfew, the app is expected to be released in the market in the first week of May. All profiles will be reviewed and activated just a couple of days before that.

Do I need to have a license for carrying out non-medical services?

While Vets must compulsarily have their licenses uploaded, for others experience and references speak for themselves. Any certifications would help make your profile richer and get more service confirmations.

Is there any membership fee to continue as an Expert?

No there is no membership fee, however we charge 15% amount of every service completed.

Can I register as an expert even if I am working with a company/professional?

YES, the expert must have knowledge and execution ability for the service he offers. PawPurrfect does not accept any liability for any issues with your employers.

Are there any rules and guidelines I need to adhere to?

The Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy policy are detailed on the website All service experts as well as pet parents are strongly requested to go through them.


Are there any standard service fees?

No. Please quote prices that you see fit and fair. This is an open marketplace where the customer will receive multiple quotes. Your experience will help you judge the right price.

Can I render 2 services at a time?

YES, but the opportunity of having 2 services at the same time will be very rare. Currently only Veterinary services are enabled on the app.

Do we need to carry our certificates to service locations?

No, one the verification is done, your certificate can be seen on your profile. Hence you need not carry any certification.

What is the service process?

– The Service expert will report that he has reached the service venue. The pet parent will receive an OTP to start service which he/she will give to the service expert who will use it to start the service. When the service is completed, the service expert will click on end service. The pet parent gets an OTP which when given to the service provider will help him close the service. The payment needs to be made before the service is closed.

Who bears the travelling charges?

Travelling expenses are borne by Service Experts. Any pet pick-up and drop charges can be mutually agreed between the Service Expert and Service Seeker once the service is confirmed.

What will be the cut off time between a service booking and rendering?

A service can be booked at most 7 days in advance.

How often can I modify my service areas?

As and when required. However there will be a time taken for approval hence please avoid frequent changes.

Can I complete additional services requested by the Pet Parent during an ongoing service?

Additional service is a mutual agreement between you and the pet parent, off the app.

How do I manage charges for additional services?

Additional service is a mutual agreement between Service expert and the pet parent, off the app. Accordingly, any charges for them are to be mutually agreed upon. Please understand that it's best to book all services at once as the service expert might not be carrying equipment needed or might have other services scheduled.

Should the price of the usage of any product to be used at time of service be included beforehand?

Yes. If the product is to be charged for, add it in your basic quote. The final quote has to be all inclusive.

How can I follow up with Pet parents?

Each service holds individually. Follow up will require another service request to be made. When placing a new service request (follow-up) the pet parent gets to first choose from the list of experts who serviced them first. If there is no acceptance of the request from the earlier expert, only then the request goes to other experts.

Do I get to respond to Pet parent’s reviews?

No, but the service provider can rate and review their experience with the pet and the pet parent.


How do I get bookings?

As per your time, service radius preferences you will be matched to any service requests. The notification will come on the phone with an option to adjust prices and response. If you are occupied at the moment, you can choose to snooze. There will be a subsequent reminder. Please note that after the first reminder, the request will be shared with a greater number of service experts. Hence it is best to respond at your earliest. You can view all open requests under 'Requests' on your profile.

How can I contact the Pet Parent?

The service provider can contact the client once the booking is confirmed. Contact details will be part of the customer profile.

How can I view my bookings?

View offers sent, awaiting pet parent confirmation, and confirmed bookings under 'My Bookings'

How can I reschedule a booking?

Rescheduling is not an option. You may cancel, if you will be unable to deliver the service. You will be asked to choose the reason from a dropdown list. Please note Service experts will fall lower in the preference algorithm for frequent cancellations. The chances of being matched with higher rated pet parents goes down with each cancellation.

Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated experts goes down with each cancellation.

How can I cancel a booking?

Service experts will find the particular booking under My Bookings with an option to cancel. We will try to find another service expert to cater to the particular request. Pet parents can also similarly cancel.

Service experts will fall lower in the preference algorithm for frequent cancellations. The chances of being matched with higher rated pet parents goes down with each cancellation. Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated experts goes down with each cancellation.

Is there any cancellation compensation to be borne?

Pet Parents stand to lose the booking charges which will be shared with the service experts. The chances of being matched with higher rated pet parents goes down with each cancellation.

Service experts will fall lower in the preference algorithm for frequent cancellations.

What do I do when a Pet Parent isn't available or picking up a call?

Please call the customer service number 9326361418 for resolution.

How do I Re-request past clients?

You cannot. When a pet parent puts a new request, then you will be amongst the first to be informed about the request and hence have the first chance to bid. Please respond asap to ensure that the customer gets to choose you. After half an hour the request will be shared with others.

Your good service with a pet parent will increase your chances of being preferred over others.

How do I set my status to Away?

The service expert can choose the “closed” option for all the days in the manage timing section of the app, this can again be edited when the expert is ready to go active again.

How do I view and accept requests from Pet Parents?

New requests will be listed in the Requests section on your account page. You may send an offer with adjusted pricing, or decline if the pet requirements, timings, pricing and location do not suit you.

Can I accept requests outside of my regular hours as stated when creating my profile?

Yes, the expert can choose the option while setting up the profile. This can be changed later if the expert wishes to. For these hours please feel free to charge a premium. However as always it is the pet parent’s prerogative to accept a service at the stated price.

Can I charge a premium fee to the Pet Parent for off-regular hours service?

For these hours please feel free to charge a premium. However as always it is the pet parent’s prerogative to accept a service at the stated price.

What is the cut off time for the Pet Parent to Cancel the booking?

There is no cut off time. However the booking fee is forfeited if the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior.


How do I accept payment from Pet Parents?

This is as per mutual convenience of the service expert and pet parent.

How do I set up payment options?

Please go to the payments section for the choices available.

Can we accept tips? Are there any invoicing tools available?

Tips are not encouraged.

No, There aren’t any invoicing tools available.

How do I offer a partial refund if I accidentally overcharge?

The refund can be made by contacting the client directly and settling mutually.

Does the app have a wallet of its own?

No, the app does not have a wallet at this stage.

How can I modify my payment details?

Your account will give you access to your saved payment details. You can change them as and when needed.

Does the app have a wallet of its own?

No, the app does not have a wallet at this stage.

What is the payment policy? (Advances)

The payment is accepted once the service is completed there are no advances other than the 15% booking amount.


How to build a good profile?

Having an attractive service name, a professional self photograph, uploading certificates and reviews from clients, good quality relevant pictures of you providing service go a long way in letting the client know more about you and feel confident to choose your services.

How can I check my reviews?

The My Bookings > History tab contains all of your completed services along with the respective rating and review from the pet parent.

How can I change my profile details?

Edit via your PawPurrfect account. Menu > Account settings

How can I change my charges?

You can alter your prices on your profile as per your preference at any time. When you receive a service request you can bid for it with new prices after knowing the service details as per your judgement. However once the request is bid for, you can not change any prices.

How can I change my contact details?

Your phone number is your unique identifier. This can not be changed. In extreme conditions, you can write to for a request with no assurance that it will be changed.

Can I upload images of my workplace?

Yes. This is encouraged for trust and transparency.

How can I change my service details?

Edit via your PawPurrfect account. Menu > Account settings.

How can I access my requests and offers?

Account > Requests, for open requests

Account > My Bookings > Ongoing services, for offers sent and confirmed bookings.

Account > My Bookings > History for completed services.


Is the pet parent verified?

Yes. KYC documents are taken and the mobile number is verified.

How does PawPurrfect handle fake booking?

Fake bookings would not happen as the booking is confirmed only when the 15% booking amount is paid.

Does Pawpurrfect share user information with anyone?

Please refer to Privacy policy on

Who is Responsible in terms of harm done by pets or experts if any?

Please refer to detailed information on Terms of use on



  • This is only for service providers who are able to visit the pet at his or her home. (except boarding, dentists’ and opticians’ services)
  • PawPurrfect doesn’t charge for being part of the app unlike other listing sites / apps which have categories like premium and priority listings.
  • The app lets you choose your area of service and does not limit you to a location.
  • The Service Expert is in control of his service whether it is charges, location, availability or even a pet.
  • You get to manage transactions and change your fees on a case by case basis.
  • You get to choose customers whom you want to service rather than accept those who have chosen to book you, hence this is a two way choice .
  • The profile on PawPurrfect has scope to be much richer leading to a better connect with prospective customers. You can upload certificates. Pictures and youtube videos.
  • Not only does a pet parent rate and review you, you can do so too.


  • The service will be done at your doorstep which is convenient for you and your pet.
  • This one app solves your need to find an expert, book services, communicate once booked and then rate his/ her services and rebook as needed rather than use various media.
  • All the professionals listed at PawPurrfect go through a background verification process which makes sure the authenticity of the experts, they are also trained to handle customers properly.
  • PawPurrfect allows you to choose from offers made from the experts.
  • PawPurrfect does not show the customer(your) information before the booking, it is only accessible to the expert after you confirm the booking.
  • The pet parents have the option to select the service according to their time convenience and budget.
  • There is a depth of listing of various service providers in the app increasing your choice.

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